Currently Channeling: Halloween I don’t know about you but this...

Currently Channeling: Halloween

I don’t know about you but this Halloween I’ve decided to not go as a Disney character or sexy cop, to be honest I don’t know the last time I properly dressed up. Well actually… There WAS that one time, many moons ago, when I raided American Apparel and went as a character from the movie Fame. (Don’t judge me- I was 19 and wished my life was an 80’s musical.)

Figuring this year would be no different than any of my previous years as an adult, I assumed I would just go as myself (which personally I think is a pretty sweet getup); but after being hounded by my friends and called a bad sport I figured why not get a bit gussied up. So I’ve decided I’m going as “Fabulous”, yes the adjective. Why not, right?! Well my friend tried telling me (actually it was more like a scolding) that I had to go as something real and adjectives just wouldn’t cut it. But, why not? Why can’t I go as grammar?! Grammar is real. And if we’re really going to get technical on the subject of “real” how many sexy cops have you seen parading around the streets of New York- I don’t know about you but I’ve never been pulled over by a cop in mini skirt jumper! Oh and when was the last time Cinderella served you a mocha cappuccino at Starbucks? Exactly, so I’m going as Grammar and personally I think the idea is genius!

The definition of “fabulous” according to The American Heritage Dictionary: Astonishing, extremely pleasing or successful, legendary. Good costume choice, no? Need I say more?

So what exactly does “Fabulous” look like? Well for starters she wears pants (because she’s smart and always watches the weather channel before she decides to paint the town red), a simple top, leather jacket, awesome heels and a TON of jewelry. Ok, so maybe this sounds more like my daily uniform than a costume… But can I help it if I just always happen to look fabulous?! Oh and obviously I’m going to wear black lipstick- it’s the ONE day of the year I can do so without being judged. (Fabulous’ fabulous jewelry: Suzanna Dai Windsor Necklace, Monte Carlo Earrings in noir, Prussia Cuff in gunmetal, Sunset Boulevard Cuff in jet and the Edinburgh Cuff all stacked together!) Done and done! Now tell me that doesn’t sound absolutely fabulous to you! 

So, for all you adults out there uninterested in being scantily clad on a night we ALL know is going to be cold I highly recommend you A. find a word that best suits you, B. rummage through your closet for an ensemble and C. visit Suzanna Dai’s site for awesome jewelry! (Because let’s be serious, without her gorgeous jewelry I’d be going as the word “average” and not “fabulous”!)

Love, Jessica