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Maternal Matrimony OR Successful Sovereignty?

So, yesterday my girlfriend, Erica, turned thirty. The Big 3-0… Weird, seems like such a big age. Thirty. Dom, Dom, Dom…

Earlier on Sunday, Erica, Mitzy & myself (fabulously decked in Suzanna Dai’s gorgeous baubles- Cheyenne Earrings, Casablanca Collar Necklace, and Palm Springs Cuff) met for an afternoon birthday purse purchase uptown at Bergdorf’s, that ended in a dapper downtown evening sit and stroll. After slinging, posing and fawning over countless leather goods decisions were finally made, mine on the Celine bag I’ve been eyeing. (Listen, one of my besties just turned 30- it’s kind of a big deal. How could I NOT share in these festivities?!)

Succeeding an unintentionally off-key rendition of happy birthday over clinked mimosas, while sharing cupcakes on my stoop we got to talking… What started with the latest fashions- we’re currently LOVING Dolce & Gabbana’s embellished dresses, Burberry Prorsum’s beaded trenches and Isabel Marant’s snakeskin booties, eventually ended in the fashions of life- we’re currently confused about time. As time ticks on and you get to be “that” age, while at bat in the game of life, do you find a teammate and man up or face your field of dreams and play ball? While in a healthy relationship, when is it time to start thinking about marriage? Hmm… But, there’s so much professionally left to be done. But, if we wait will we run out of time to start having babies? Babies. When will it be time for them? When should it be?

Right, so all of these life questions that thirty year olds are supposed to rid themselves of were and still are only piling up… And I’m not even thirty yet! Which leaves me to right now, being I’m uninterested in premature wrinkles I’ve decided to drown yesterday’s current events and life’s Q&A session in a bubble bath while listening to a mixed classical music CD Joseph made for me. Right, I win!

Love, Jessica