Love Struck Me Like A Bomb! Being that fashion week is upon us,...

Love Struck Me Like A Bomb! 
Being that fashion week is upon us, one of my favorite things to do, before allowing myself to be completely consumed with anxiety over what to wear, is engage in a bit of cyber research to see what my fellow bloggers are “ooh and aahing” over… One blog in particular whose insight I heavily rely on is 

The site not only emphasizes cutting edge designers, but is also opinionated… There’s nothing I love more than reading about the cultism of chic from someone who has something to say rather than promoting propaganda from advertisers. 

My love affair with this awesome site, that has now become a staple in my cyber stalking homework, started a few months ago at the office… After complaining to my super cool boss (Suzanna Dai) about blogosphere redundancy, she suggested I take a gander at one of her treasured blogs, StyleBomb. 

From the moment Suzie pulled it up on my screen I’ve been plugged in. I’m a sucker for a good read, and pertaining to StyleBomb I just can’t get enough! The commentary and imagery are informative and perfectly capture the subject’s essence. If you’re anything like me, not only will you fall in love with every discussed item (and be terribly upset the PANKAJ & NIDHI embroidered leather dress posted is sold out of your size on Net-A-Porter), but you’ll also start to wonder who exactly is this (wo)man behind the curtain… 

Being that a new year is upon us, we at Suzanna Dai decided to contact StyleBomb’s mystery woman. After chatting it up with my new fabulous friend and founder of, Jen Mendenhall, this is what she had to say…

Suzanna Dai: Who are you favorite designers?

Jen Mendenhall: While these designers come from different parts of the world and have varying aesthetics, I’m always impressed by their infallible creativity and vision: Christopher Kane, A.L.C, Sass & Bide, Proenza Schouler and Alexander McQueen.

Suzanna Dai: How would you describe your personal style?

Jen Mendenhall: If I knew how to describe my personal style I would certainly love to share! I find that as soon as I think I’ve nailed it, a new zinger is thrown into the mix. Two years ago I was all about channeling the “effortless” look of the Lower East Side, mostly ripped jeans and faded tanks with that “just rolled out of bed” hair. Then, last year I didn’t want to buy anything that wasn’t vintage - mainly extravagantly bedazzled sweaters that left a trail of sequins behind me. While I believe my style is always going to evolve, a few things that will always be consistent are my unyielding love for island-inspired colors, vibrant florals and animal prints.

Suzanna Dai: Who is your style icon?

Jen Mendenhall: While she isn’t a real person in the absolute sense, my style icon is Carrie Bradshaw. I love how fashion is such a great component of her life, and how this admiration is apparent not only in the beautiful clothing hanging in her closet, but also in how she never faltered in dressing for herself.

Suzanna Dai: What is your rule of thumb styling or accessorizing tip?

Jen Mendenhall: Never buy anything that you don’t absolutely love, whether it is for five or five hundred dollars. I find that if I only have pieces in my closet that are passionate purchases it is much easier to put outfits together each morning, rather than having to sift through pieces I’m not so wild about but were a good deal. 

Suzanna Dai: Why did you decide to create StyleBomb?

Jen Mendenhall: I wanted to create a blog about the things I loved and focus on the designers and brands I thought were breaking the mold, all with a positive and genuine attitude.

BINGO! The purpose of my fashion-reading regimen is to be educated, not threatened. I consider myself to be quite the fashion connoisseur, but after reading some of the commentary out there, even I find myself fearful that my fashionable swagger isn’t up to par. And let’s be serious, last season’s Louboutin’s are nothing to frown upon! 

Anyway, THANK YOU JEN for getting it! And, listen up ladies and gents: if you’re looking to for a fresh opinion on fashion from someone who knows what they’re talking about, definitely check out!