Spring Into Step! So spring is coming to town; what to wear, what...

Spring Into Step! 

So spring is coming to town; what to wear, what to wear… This warming weather has me in a state over what’s to come! Spring, then summer. Seasons spent in Suzanna Dai’s brilliant baubles, and the fashion… Oh the fashion! Brightly colored flowing frocks, draped duds, printed pants, bold blazers, weird wedges and sexy sandals… Oh my! (Anna Wintour’s rendition of “lions, tigers and bears”, I presume.) 

Being that the weather is only getting warmer and I’m post-breakup, (a story I’ll save for another time…) I’ve decided instead of weeping to a friend as I cried in my cappuccino or reveling in being freshly on the market and running a muck at the nearest bar, I would educate myself instead. I want to be life’s sponge, to absorb anything and everything around me. To learn things, discover new places and bask in substances and experiences I might subconsciously take for granted- parks, museums, galleries, walking New York’s graffiti filled streets. I’m even considering taking a tour bus to learn about the city I reside in, but know so little about. (This girl is a born and raised New Yorker, and has never been to the Empire State Building. Sad, no? YES, it is!) And, I want to read more! I love the smell of old books and the touch of unread, crisp magazine pages. Sigh… I need newness.

That said, my fabulous self is dressed in her finest spunky daytime duds (dripped in Suzanna Dai’s cool creations, of course- the Medusa Necklace, Mumbai Bangle and Sunset Boulevard Earrings) and am off to the Guggenheim, where I plan to completely nerd out and indulge in a bit of art.

Sigh… This is exactly what I need, an insightful afternoon! My advice to you- go out and get inspired. Hey man, we only have one shot at this thing called life, so we might as well make the best of it and have the time of our lives! 

Love, Jessica