Style Icon: Mata Hari This woman rocked, a true femme fatal!...

Style Icon: Mata Hari

This woman rocked, a true femme fatal! Promiscuous, flirtatious, openly flaunted her body and always captivated her audiences- what’s not to love? She garnered wide acclaim by elevating exotic dance to a more respectable status and braking new ground in a style of entertainment by bringing this carefree provocative style to the stage- hello Madonna and Lady Gaga. (Obviously I don’t stand alone in admiring her brashness.) Her style and free-willed attitude made her a very popular woman, as did her eagerness to perform in exotic and revealing clothing, but the most celebrated segment of her act was her progressive shedding of clothing- leaving little to the imagination in a jeweled bra, arm and headpiece. What I find crazy is that she was so self-conscious of her small breasts she was seldom seen without a bra, she even wore a flesh colored body stocking during performances. That’s crazy!

Moral of this story: here we have a woman, a game-changing sex symbol, who also suffered from anxiety over her figure… So you see ladies, we don’t stand alone and even the sexiest of women suffer from insecurities.

Love, Suzie