I first heard about Tangiers in 1990, while flipping through one of my first issues of Vogue magazine.  It may have even been the first issue of Vogue I ever bought (January 1990).  There was an article about the recent history of the Moroccan city (though I didn’t know it was in Morocco at the time, or maybe even where Morocco was - I was twelve!), and a photo spread with the model Elaine Irwin, dressed in colorful garb.  There were also photos of famous writers and artists who used to vacation there, or who lived there for a time.  It made such an impression on me that I remember it vividly to this day, as if I had actually been transported to Tangiers through the photos.  Through this article and photo spread was painted a picture of an exotic land, warmly inviting while at the same time cool and distant, a glaze of European sophistication brushed over its mysterious Moorish roots.  For me, it formed the basis of a dream land, an escape from the mundane, the zenith of all that is glamorous and sophisticated, beautiful and exotic.  I’m coming back to that fantasy world this season, with the Tangiers collection.