The Essentials: Statement Necklace This fall no outfit will be...

The Essentials: Statement Necklace

This fall no outfit will be complete without a statement necklace! Wear it with a simple t-shirt and jeans (my personal favorite!), a professional suit, or dress- it’s the perfect day to night accessory. Who doesn’t love looking dolled up throughout the day?! And for all of you out there fearful of this fashion trend- get over it! Nothing looks better on a woman’s decollage than a fabulous piece of jewelry- regardless of if you are short, tall, full figured, petite, large breasted or not. So many of my large breasted friends are apprehensive about donning a large piece as they swear it only makes them “look bigger”, to which I ALWAYS reply if your top has the proper neckline for it “of course you can wear that!” As women we are always in tune with what style of clothing suits us best and I find many females neglect the fact that accessories work in the same manner. Always keep in mind that your statement necklace of choice doesn’t have to be a bib or choker style; a long necklace works just as well! Personally, I always find myself bothered by women who disregard accessories- choosing the proper piece of jewelry is JUST as important as finding the right fit of jeans or simple black dress. Accessories should be a staple when deciding your Friday night outfit, they absolutely go hand in hand. But listen, I get it- who wants to go out at night (especially for those in search of a husband) feeling unconfident in your appearance? No one! So if you’re seriously on the fence about donning a large piece out on the town then either, A: sport it on a day you’re not necessarily cruising for a significant other, or B: wear it out on a Friday night and bring a back up pair of statement earrings- if a few hours into the night you still don’t feel your finest switch it up. BUT, before you immediately cancel out the statement necklace trend due to your bodily frame always try it out first. I like to call this the “good ‘ol college try.” And try a whole bunch of different styles; you might just surprise yourself!

So once again ladies, NEVER disregard jewelry when deciding your attire, as your accessories are just as important! Accessories are what I like to call “attention to detail.”

Love, Suzie