To Be Or Not To Be… Being in love (or infatuated, whatever you’d...

To Be Or Not To Be…

Being in love (or infatuated, whatever you’d like to call it) is always so wonderful, but let’s get serious- a sister needs to not lose focus of the task at hand… AKA finding herself. Truth be told, I have these tendencies… Whenever romantically involved, even at the beginning stages of an amorous endeavor, I find myself fully engulfed and I really don’t know why. It’s like my inner sixteen year old completely takes over and all I can think about is the potential future of a forever filled with love. Love, really? Seriously Jessica, get with it… Actually no, get it together! Honestly, if I never had to worry about going to work and could sit home daydreaming as I scribbled both our names in hearts I probably would. Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m an addict… To love. (Ugh, loser!)

Therefore, in attempts to not lose my sense of sanity (or job for that matter) I figured what I probably needed to get my head out of the clouds was a bit of creative inspiration. And where does a single (well kinda) girl in the city find such? A museum, of course! That said, I decided to book a date with myself and the Metropolitan Museum of Art- just the two of us; free to wander, sit and think at my leisure. So, in my most fabulous casual attire (including two of my favorite Suzanna Dai accessories- the Antwerp Necklace and Sunset Boulevard Earrings) and journal, Mac laptop and latest read, Valley Of The Dolls (which I’ve read twice before because I’m a nerd) in hand I headed uptown for some much-needed artistic mental stimulation.

And what a treat it was! Sigh… To sit with some of the greats and collect my thoughts was absolutely what I needed. Picasso, Lautrec, Dali- seriously, where would I find better company?! Since the museum is so vast, normally I start at the top and work my way down, but being on the hunt for prolific provocation I opted to start at the bottom and work my way up. I was determined to find my long lost spark of creative freedom, be consumed by the previous greats in all their glories, and wanted to get lost in a world of wonder… Which is exactly what I did! Six hours of amazement, four work entries, three chapters read and an endless amount of random penned thoughts later I completed the museum… And felt absolutely liberated, pumped, educated, inspired, in awe- you name it, I felt it. (Guess you could say Stella got her groove back!) It was exactly what I needed to ground myself. As lovely a place as Oz is, I needed a reality check… Yes, it’s awesome to be in love and experience the butterflies of the beginning stages of something magical- but seriously, too much of anything is never a good thing. Too boot, love doesn’t pay the bills and this chick needs to keep her job if she plans to one day be considered one of the greats!

But, hear me out ladies… I am not saying we shouldn’t savor the sweet delights of amorous adulation. Personally, I think one mustn’t become too distracted to the point of no return. Yes our love lives are extremely important, but so are our regular lives… Emotional consumption is real, and I don’t know about you but this sister can’t pay her rent in daydreamed fairytales of the future. (Sigh… But, how I wish I could!) So yes, find your prince charming and fall in love with him, just don’t lose yourself in the process.

Love, Jessica