Trend Report: Animal Prints I LOVE ANIMAL PRINTS! Who doesn’t,...

Trend Report: Animal Prints

I LOVE ANIMAL PRINTS! Who doesn’t, right? Wrong. Roaming the streets of New York I’ve spotted many women, young and old, rocking this trend- personally I love the idea of head to toe cheetah, but let’s be realistic… Unless you’re attending a costume party no respectable female is leaving her house looking like wildlife! (But, if you do and you can rock this head to toe trend please contact me, as we would LOVE to profile you!) So being a female in search of the perfect animal print I’ve tried numerous options- cheetah leggings (no good, they make my hips look larger than they are- which completely defies the reason for my intense bikram yoga sessions), zebra cardigans (once again no good, I look like a cast mate off the Jersey Shore- sans the tan obviously), I even tried a leopard printed fur jacket (I won’t even get into how lost I looked in that…)! Right, so now what? Do I just chalk up this trend as something for uber confident fashionistas? After reading constant blogs declaring this the new “it” thing of the season and mulling the wildlife craze over in my head my genius self… Yeah that’s right, genius… Decided screw this I mustn’t be the ONLY girl unable to master this look and decided to talk to Suzie about creating an animal printed piece! (See I wasn’t kidding when I dubbed myself genius…)

But wait; let’s be serious for a moment- Suzie is actually the genius one! By the time I approached her about an animal printed piece they had already been put into production. Figuring she’d leave the animal prints to the designers that swear by them, she opted to go more the reptilian route. And voila… The Madagascar Cuff was created! She even designed the piece in 2 color options for different skin tones. The cuff is GORGEOUS and equally as fabulous as this season’s leopard ombre chiffon maxi dress! 

(Duh, the woman is brilliant! Seriously, did I really think she wouldn’t have awesome fashion fixes to trend challenged chicks, like myself?! Umm hello- WAKE UP JESSICA!)

But listen up my aspiring wildlife women, please only don one at a time- I get it, I too LOVE to accessorize but this piece is big and I’d hate to bump into you on the streets of New York looking like the spawn of t-rex!

Love, Jessica