Awakening Layering Necklaces - In Stock


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Color: Gold Pyrite

Delicate layering necklaces made of 2-3mm micro faceted semi-precious beads, with 14K gold fill lobster clasp closure.  Necklaces measure about 16.5" long and can be worn alone or stacked all together.  Each stone has unique healing properties: 

- Gold Pyrite is a powerful protective stone that creates a shield against fear & negative energy.  It is used to increase strength, energy, willpower, and confidence.  It’s also a  stone of abundance, encouraging wealth, prosperity, and success.

- Pink Bamboo Coral is a stone of peace and transformation.  It will promote honesty, truthfulness, and positivity.

- Hot Pink Jade is a stone of love and harmony.  It is calming and promotes positivity in relationships.

- Carnelian boosts self esteem and confidence; it helps you to be more outgoing and sociable.

- Honey Jade is a stone of magic, joy, and happiness.  It enhances communication & willpower and helps you to have an optimistic outlook.

- Chartreuse Jade is a good luck stone.  It brings new opportunities and promotes creativity & a positive outlook.

- Green Jade brings serenity, tranquility, and purity.  It is also used to channel abundance.

- Turquoise is the stone of luck, peace, and protection.  It gives you confidence to speak your truth and enhances self compassion.

- Blue Apatite can help with motivation, ambition, self-confidence, and self-acceptance.  It can also enhance your psychic perceptions, creativity, and empower your inner voice.

- Amethyst boosts intuition.  It is a cleansing and healing stone which helps you to vibrate at your highest levels.  It also enhances psychic abilities.

- Rose Quartz is also known as The Heart Stone because it can help heal emotional pain & trauma and amplify peace and self-compassion.  It helps you feel connected, comforted, uplifted, and open to abundance.