Accessorizing Tip: Being a big city girl, I have tendencies to...

Accessorizing Tip:

Being a big city girl, I have tendencies to get caught up in my daily grind. Often times skimping on breakfast (which if my trainer knew she’d kill me), or getting my roots done every 3 weeks (my beautician scolds me ALL the time over this), or taking a proper vacation… Seriously, who has the time? But, one thing I never skimp on is fashion. (Call me vain, but I don’t!) I’m not saying we should all go out and buy the latest Gucci platforms (even though this season’s purple python T-straps are AMAZING… Sadly I can’t pay my rent in pumps), but what I am saying is we should always look and feel our finest- whether we have the luxury to don ourselves in fine fashion or not. Hey man, there have been many times my head-to-toe ensemble has been compliments of America’s finest cotton couturier, American Apparel. High or low fashion- it doesn’t matter, all that matters is when we wear it we look and feel great. Personally, I like to mix it up a bit- H&M dress, Wolford tights, Frye boots, Levi’s denim jacket and ACCESSORIES! You will never, under no circumstance see me without some form of accessory on! (Picking up my laundry, walking my dog, or running out for a manicure- which is super annoying because I have to take all my rings off, but whatever.) Accessories spice everything up, they’re also way more affordable than spending the equivalent of my rent on a new silk top (that I’m probably only going to spill my dirty martini on the first night I wear it)!

Great accessories take that simple black dress or white tee and jeans and give it life! Even if you don’t consider yourself a fashion aficionado you should still never disregard your appearance. Ever! High and low fashion retailers allow us to reinvent ourselves and take fashionable risks, they also help us hone in on who we are visually. We live in such a beautiful world, why not look beautiful ourselves?! Many of my male friends say guys have it easy as they have no real reason to accessorize- throw on a v-neck, jeans and a pair of Chucks and they’re good to go. WRONG! If you’re a guy and that’s all you need to look your best then the one thing I think you’re lacking in feeling your best is cologne! Scent is a very personal thing to me and once I’ve head to toe glammed it up there’s nothing I love more than spritzing on a bit of perfume! (I recently inspired a guy friend to purchase new cologne due to him loving the way I smelt the night before. Him, verbatim: “I couldn’t stop smelling you last night.” Flattering, no?!) Realistically, sight is the first sense we use- your appearance being the first thing someone notices about you, scent is the second- the way you smell is the next thing someone notices. 

So you see- everyone has potential to accessorize, it’s just a matter of finding your proper accessory! Whether it’s your adornments or aroma, these things are just as important to your appearance as putting on a clean shirt! My friends ALL joke that I’m going to be that woman in her 80’s with her hair teased, dressed to the nines, decked in accessories with lipstick on her teeth and a lap dog sitting in front of her nursing home giving fashion advice to her neighbors… I obviously find flattering (sans the lipstick on my teeth of course)!

In the great words of Coco Chanel: “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” But, one of my favorite quotes from an old college professor: “You should dress as though this were the outfit you were going to be found dead in.” I know it sounds morbid, but when you think about it… It’s true!

Love, Jessica