Trend Report: Rome Drop Earrings I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE...

Trend Report: Rome Drop Earrings

I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE EARRINGS! How can you not be?! I love the different stones and textures; to be honest the whole Rome Collection is quite amazing. You know that feeling you get when you see something and it immediately transports you to a different place? Exactly, well these earrings haul me to Dubai where I’m riding elephants in the dessert. (To be honest this is something I’ve never experienced, but I envision the day I do these delicious duds will be dangling from my lobes, I may even have on the matching necklace… Well, actually it depends on my outfit. If I’m in a simple black cotton maxi dress then yes, but if I’m wearing loose white linen pants and a white cotton tank then I would don these beauts with the Antwerp Necklace. I know it sounds like a bit much for the dessert, but who are we kidding- I’m riding elephants through the sandy terrains of Dubai and such festivities only call for he finest jewels!)

But I must say, even though I have no plans to ride elephants in the near future (unless someone reading this is planning a trip and cares to invite me…) these gems are nonetheless still going to be a staple in my winter wardrobe! Regardless of the fact that now isn’t the time for linen pants, well actually linen anything, my Rome Drop Earrings will still be sported with what I like to call my “uniform”- black bottoms and a white tee. Throw on a blazer, oversized printed scarf, booties and viola; I’m out the door!

This is what I love about Suzie’s jewelry- it’s big, beautiful and timeless!

Love, Jessica