Aren’t fairy tales nice?  Actually, now that I think of it, some of them are quite scary, what with all the witches, evil stepmothers, and old women who like to eat little children…

No, I like the kind of fairy tales that take place in a deep, lush German forest - in a place filled with tall fir trees, ornate castles, pixie dust, dragonflies, and magic.  Bavaria is the perfect setting.

There’s actually a fairy tale road in Bavaria, which winds through medieval villages, romantic castles, and dense forests that were the inspirations for such tales as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel, among others.

The Bavaria collection was designed as an homage to this land of fairy tales and fantasy -  a place filled with fairies and gnomes; a place far removed from reality, where a valiant prince searches for the beautiful princess who has been asleep for a hundred years, and will only awaken with his kiss; a place where when the sun sets, it mixes with pixie dust and casts glitter over the needles of pine trees.

That’s the Bavaria for me.