The Spring 2019 Collection | Oaxaca, Mexico

Destination: Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca (pronounced “Wahaka”) is both the capital city and a region located in southern-central Mexico.  It is known for its historically rich culture as well as its diversity of indigenous people, which have been able to survive due to the mountainous terrain of the area.  Once a year, everyone collectively prepares for Dia de los Muertos, a celebration of the dead, by arranging beautifully intricate altars - also called ofrendas - to honor loved ones.  Local artisan markets provide unique trinkets and flowers to customize each altar in preparation for the celebration.  For three days, the city becomes flooded with marigolds, the iconic flower used to guide spirits back to their families.

I first visited Oaxaca in 1998, and the vibrant flowers and gardens are what stood out to me the most about the city, and were the initial inspiration behind the Oaxaca Flower Earrings.  This is one of my favorite styles from the Spring’19 Collection because it reminds me of that adventure.  A friend and I took a bus from the border of Texas all the way down to Oaxaca, where we had a week of trekking through jungles dotted with waterfalls, eating freshly caught ceviche on virgin beaches, exploring the pyramids at Monte Alban, and of course, soaking in the colonial architecture and gardens of Oaxaca.

Similar to other Suzanna Dai designs, the Oaxaca Earrings are hand-embroidered in India.  Each petal is individually covered with overlapping sequins and sewn in place around a center rhinestone, which adds an extra touch of sparkle.  These earrings are extremely lightweight and easy to wear and remind me of the magical city of flowers I hope to return to again soon…

The Oaxaca Flower Earrings are available in multiple colors, with the option to create your own unique color way using our Tailored Design Process.  Click the link to learn more!