The Spring 2019 Collection | Mazatlan, Mexico

Whether you are into bright, festive colors or softer pastels, this collection has it all! Inspired by Mexican and Guatemalan cultures, each piece combines a multitude of textures, including: stacked sequins, seed and cut beads, and silk cord-wrapped tubes. The bright color palette evokes celebration in your everyday.

Destination: Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan is home to the oldest major Carnaval tradition in Mexico and is the inspiration behind the Fiesta Tassel Earrings. Although each texture is individually unique, they blend together in a visually pleasing way, similar to how the diverse population comes together and transforms the city for celebration. Mazatlan undergoes an explosion of color, with dancing, fireworks, parades, elaborate costumes, and king/queen coronations. Carnaval celebrates the joy of living, and now you can have your own Carnaval wherever you are, with our Fiesta Tassel Earrings.