Style Stalker: Frida Kahlo Seriously who doesn’t love Frida? She...

Style Stalker: Frida Kahlo

Seriously who doesn’t love Frida? She was awesome in so many different ways, from her artwork to verbalization of herself. “I was born a bitch. I was born a painter.” Come on, who doesn’t love that?! Especially during times when women weren’t expected to speak in such a manner, nor hold themselves with such high regard- I genuinely respect all that she represents. And seriously, who can deny her fabulous fashion sense?! She is totally someone I can relate to- hello statement jewelry! You have to love not only adore her artistic fearlessness, but also personal style- this woman rocked statement earrings WITH a statement necklace PLUS a headpiece! Let it be known, I would just like to go on record saying this woman is fabulous. She’s genius in so many ways and someone I frequently look to for personal inspiration when designing. 

I’m often inspired by unexpected color combinations and while visiting her house, La Casa Azul, on a trip through Mexico City I was absolutely blown away. The “Blue House”, where she grew up, was bursting with color and filled to the brim with Mexican folk art. I loved the blue and yellow tiles in the kitchen, and so intrigued by the large paper-mache Judas skeletons hanging from the ceiling. For all those planning on visiting Mexico City, I highly recommend putting this destination on your itinerary! Her home is beyond captivating, and Frida herself is absolutely fascinating!

Andre Breton explained her artwork best and I couldn’t agree more- she was a “ribbon around a bomb”.

Love, Suzie