Ballet Colors

Have you ever fallen in love with a color?  I think I can fall in love with just about anything - a country, a foreign language, a letter, or a word, and most definitely a color.  In the past it has been all shades of green - from lime to kelly, apple and chartreuse to olivey tourmaline.

Sometimes I get so obsessed about finding the right shade that I drive my family and friends crazy.  I remember in high school trying to find the ideal red - toothbrush red, as I coined it.  It’s the perfect shade (the same color as a red transparent toothbrush - hence the name) - deep, rich, with a slightly blue undertone.  I’d stare at my red toothbrush, examining the depth of color, wanting to dive inside and swim through the beautiful shades garnet, crimson, and vermillion.  I get a little carried away…

Lately I have been mesmerized by soft, dusty hues - blush, taupe, pewter, pale rose gold, antiqued silver, bronze, smoky lavender, and warm gray.  Ballerina colors.

It’s a bit odd for me to like such neutral colors, as I usually go for anything bright and vibrant, but it’s a feeling I’ve been having for the past few months.  These shades make me think of the Bolshoi Theatre, vintage ballet costumes, and Charles James ball gowns from the 1950s - colors that, though faded, grow more enticing with the passage of time.